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Baroque Verisimilitude in Art Definition of Verisimilitude - 2475 Words

Western European Baroque Era: Verisimilitude in Art Definition of Verisimilitude (Essay Sample) Content: Name:University:Course:Tutor:Date:Western European Baroque Era: Verisimilitude in ArtDefinition of VerisimilitudeVerisimilitude or Realism is the manifestation of being false or true. It was embodied morality, generality, and reality. In Verisimilitude, the dramatist had to eliminate everything that could not occur in real life, except they were acknowledged part of the biblical material or a Greek myth. Additionally, chorus and soliloquies were discouraged and ruled as unnatural. On the other hand, violence was eliminated offstage due to the complicity of making it real. In this ancient time, the playwright had to teach moral teachings, disclose lifes ideal blueprints. Every time injustice seemed to triumph, and it was made clear to the audience that it was part of Gods just arrangement, which was beyond human understanding. The truth was either exposed through systematic examination or rational experience, whichever way, truth norms were to extend to all aspect of theatrical work of art.Verisimilitude in BaroqueDuring this era, there were different types of dramatic purity. In this case, only two forms were allowed which were comedy and tragedy. All the other forms were considered inferior due to their mixed types. In comedy norms, stories only talked about private affairs and the domestic life which in all times had happy endings. Characters who take part in these comedies were most drawn from lower and middle classes, with who style was, distinguish by the use of reasonable language. Conversely, tragedy norms stories always concluded with unhappy ending and their style was poetic and loft. In these norms, characters were drawn from nobility or rulers.Most of the tragedy norms stories talked about the downfall of kings or rulers and state affairs. However, all these norms were to be severely followed. At this time, deviate plays were present but denounced as inadequate efforts that were not worth of critical thought. These products were con sidered of poor quality, drawn by tasteless shallow educated writers and were marked as illegitimate or irregular drama. Under the Act form, every rightful play ought to be written in five acts.Decorum was phrased as the standard of character description. In decorum, every sex, rank, age group and profession had its significance. All playwrights were supposed to stay true to these standards in character creation. In this scenario, playwrights ought to put in writing the everlasting features of civilization, and the administering patterns that do not change in all places and time periods.Baroque is an artistic style that mainly originated from Europe. It was present from the late 16th Century up to the early 18th Century (Charles and Carl 5). It is believed to be the primary style of art around Europe amid the Rococo and Mannerist period. The Baroque art style stands out as it is illustrated by dynamic movement, self-confident rhetoric and overt emotion. It was characterized by ornat e language and description of persons and types with emotional extreme. The Roman Catholic Church was fascinated by the Baroque style of art and in the years 1545 to 1563, the church demanded the representatives of the arts to create sculptures and paintings that even the uninformed might understand (Charles and Carl 74).The Baroque style of art carried on to spread from Italy to Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe. On the other hand, Latin America was highly influenced by the Baroque style. Most of the public buildings, Catholic churches, private and official residences constructed during this time were without a doubt of Baroque origin (Charles and Carl 98). The Baroque style developed from archetypal forms of the Renaissance. However, it varies from the new trends and details.Verisimilitude in ancient times relied on three fundamental unities that consisted of action, place and time. It devoted only 24 hours or lesser of subjective time ought to go by through a play. Due to the audience awareness of the play being in the same place, all actions should occur at a single location. However, this was slowly loosened to permit the change of venues as long as it would be achieved in 24 hours. Subplots were not allowed, only one action was permissible.Caravaggio majored in realism and was one of the founders of Baroque painting. Although he received training of a Mannerist painter, he came to be known in Europe as the most significant painter of the 17th Century (Warwick 11). Ultimately, his impact on the society grew with arts of Caravaggio becoming a household name in the European paintings. In his art and style, Caravaggio concentrated in Baroque. Just like other known artists, Caravaggio was profoundly influenced by the Venetians. He paid much attention to the Mannerist style with a clear realism. He outstandingly was an accurate and a clever imitator of nature.Even though Caravaggio revolutionized realism with his paintings, were still a style promot ed by the traditional realism that already existed in Salvedo and Moroni (Warwick 25). In the year 1596, things took a different but positive turn around when Caravaggio paintings were purchased by Cardinal de Monte. From then he was asked to paint some religious paintings for churches. It was during this time that Caravaggio worked and lived in Rome; he received numerous demands or religious paintings from the Society of Jesus that requested for the visualization of the pain of Jesus. This led to the painting of Contarelli chapel altarpiece, the St Mathew and an Angel including two wall boards. Each of the paintings by Caravaggio in this era caused a sensation. One of his renowned works was the basket of fruits which was painted in the year 1596.Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini focused architecture, paintings and sculpture (Mormando and Bernini 45). He mainly concentrated on sculpture, and over his lifetime he single-handedly transformed the city of Rome with his art. He had close ties wi th popes and royal families; hence he would sculpture arts like the David, Martyrdom of San Lorenzo and Apollo and Daphne. In addition, he also made unique sculptures for the Catholic Church that caught the attention of many individuals. In today life, he antiques and influence of his art can be still seen in the Catholic Churches, public buildings, parks and even in residential. He entire revolutionized the way people viewed the environment through his art.Comparison between Verisimilitude in Movies and BaroqueIn all the current television dramas, there are different stages of verisimilitude depending on the plot or genre contained by the program. In ancient times, Baroque form of art used to exaggerate motion and clear so as to generate tension, drama, exuberance, and grandeur in painting, sculpture, dance, music and literature. In addition, various instruments and voices echoed each other at different pitches to produce or invert the echo and even repeal thematic material. Conseq uently, this kind of inventions pervaded way for similar but more advanced Baroque style of art. In the current world, this is experienced through movies, music, drama, paintings and sculptures all over the globe.Movie producers have acquired ancient realism. In modern realism, film characters tend to exaggerate certain aspects in the movie. Even so, different actors take varied roles of characters in the movies that wildly differ from them. For instance, in the first films ever made by the Lumiere brothers, their documentaries were all about screening the actual world. However, this did not mean that they indeed showed the real world. Actors have the tendency of adapting to whatever character that they are presented with. They tend to borrow that presented character personality and make it their own.The same applied to actors in the Baroque era. They would mimic people, animals or certain sounds. In most cases, they would perform these mimics in front of audiences. In actual, the t echnology used today in commercial plays and Broadway was developed and invented during the Baroque age. During this time, artists were still growing, and as time went by, stages could be turned into palaces or romantic gardens in a minute. Furthermore, gods were able to descend actually from space and save the hero in the most unsafe state. This is also evident in todays films. Even though it is humanly impossible for gods to descend in such a manner, this action Baroque form of art intriguing and exciting.The present world demands more and more from the film producers and actors. Consequently, this has resulted in the Mainstream film to create high verisimilitude movies. Films ought to look realer, which indeed unreal because of the many modifications and exaggerations in the film. Vehicles have to appear true and even car crashes ought to resemble real car crashes. This is due to the stimulated reality that the mainstream presents to its audiences. Films that do not bring out rea lism are at the risk of receiving fewer viewers or lack demand. This might cost the movie industry millions of shillings spent in developing the film. Unlike in the Baroque era, individuals would just go back to the drawing and instantly come up with a new script.Recreation of RealityIn Baroque art, the recreation of reality was enabled by three major tropes, time, light and space. Space is not the just the measurable length of a room. On the contrary, it is also considered the shattered barrier that distinct imagination from reality (Martin 55). Through the appropriate depiction of space, the artist can conceive the subject that is represented as existing in a space in a simultaneous manner as the perception of the observer. As a consequence of space, the visual representation with reference to canvas is brought to life (Martin 55). Subsequently, it ushers the reader into a fictional world. The Night Watch is ...

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Project Based Learning Essay Samples: How to Choose the Right Ones

Project Based Learning Essay Samples: How to Choose the Right OnesIf you've been looking into project-based learning, you may have noticed that there are a number of different study material on the market that cater to the interests of you, the learner. This article is designed to help you identify the project-based learning essays that meet your specific needs. By the end of this article, you'll be able to identify the project-based learning essay samples that best suit your needs.The first step to finding project-based learning essay samples is to define your curriculum choice. First of all, if you decide to opt for a home study course, you'll need to figure out how much instruction you want to receive. You may opt for a single course or you may opt for a group class. Whichever route you take, you'll need to know how much time you'll need to devote to the class.When you have determined the requirements that you're looking for, the next step is to look for sample essay material that best fits your needs. Look for a variety of different themes, but don't be afraid to be choosy. The idea is to customize your curriculum and create a learning plan that is tailored to you. One more thing, make sure that the sample is written to your specific academic needs. Be sure to include anything that you will be submitting to your professor for a grade.When you're ready to consider a project-based learning essay, you'll need to consider two of the most important factors: the genre of the material and the text. In most cases, a term paper is sufficient for a four-year class. However, if you choose to enroll in a class at the community college level, you'll need to use a more specialized approach. There are a variety of project-based learning essay samples available that will work for any institution.You'll also want to choose a variety of different genres. Themes like political/ethical/philosophical essays are frequently used in community college courses. Other topics include scientific research, law, and business writing. If you're going to enroll in a course that requires the creation of a master's thesis, you'll want to have a collection of project-based learning essay samples that incorporate a variety of different genres.Finally, you need to make sure that the sample essay is written in a way that is comfortable for you. If you're considering a long term project, you should choose to submit your work under a major thesis advisor. It may be possible to research how to find an essay advisor that you feel comfortable with. If not, perhaps consider the senior thesis adviser of the institution to find the individuals who will be most comfortable with your needs.By the end of this article, you should have a better idea of what project-based learning essay samples are available. Since the product is out there, you should be able to choose from a variety of different topics and genres. Finally, when you select a study material for your project, make sure to use a variety of different styles. By doing so, you'll be able to get the most out of your project-based learning material.

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Essay The Current State of Corporate Social Responsibility

CHAPTER 1 THE CURRENT STATE OF CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY The following chapter will provide an introduction into the current state of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the present international environment. This will entail a mention of globalization and its effects on both legislatures and multinational corporations. A discussion of the different definitions and theories will follow. This will lead to a discussion of the nature of CSR definitions and the heterogeneity of these definitions. The main definitional focus will be Archie Carroll’s pyramid description and the definition provided by Crane, Matten and Spence (2008) where they provide the core characteristics of CSR policies. Carroll’s pyramid description provides a†¦show more content†¦The elements of CSR particularly the voluntary aspect and why it is an important part of CSR. The chapter will further provide the reader a chance to understand better the CSR environment, this will allow better understanding as to why the new Indian act is a novelty. This discussion will tie into the thesis question by setting the base that is necessary in order to answer the thesis question effectively. I. WHAT IS CSR? The world today is interconnected and characterized by borderless states where information, technology, trade, capital and individuals move about with ease. Actions in one continent affect the lives of people in a separate continent. Particularly in the case of legislatures, decisions that used to be influenced solely by domestic factors, have now had to evolve and take into consideration the international market and its effects. For example, laws implemented by a state may drive business away from their market to those with more favourable policies abroad. In this sense states aim to deregulate their markets and provide a more inviting atmosphere for parties to do business in. The effects of globalization are not solely felt by legislatures, international actors themselves feel the pressure that comes with having a world where actions in one state are not hidden from the home state. Particularly in the case of multinational companies, they are under more scrutiny to conduct businessShow MoreRelatedCase Study : Open Payday Loan Offices1299 Words   |  6 PagesINTRODUCTION The purpose of this memo is to inform the management of the benefits of allowing the Corporate Responsibility Committee to play a role in the decision to open payday loan offices. This report is based on the involvement of Corporate Responsibility Committees in other organizations and their benefits to those organizations. CRCs are responsible for listening to the concerns that society has about their business. Listening to and acting on those concerns can create many benefits for theRead MoreRole Of Corporate Ethics On Financial Performance945 Words   |  4 PagesRole of Corporate Value Clusters in Ethics, Social Responsibility, and Performance: A Study of Financial Professionals and Implications for the Financial Meltdown. The key of the abstract is to demonstrate the influence of corporate ethics on financial performance. The financial meltdown negatively influenced top management mindset regarding professional ethics (p. 15). Introduction. The authors study 2008 collapse of financial system to analyze the link between organizational values, social responsibilityRead MoreThe Impact Of Corporate Social Responsibility On Business1626 Words   |  7 Pages In contrast, this research shows that the impact of corporate social responsibility can extend beyond public relations and customer goodwill to influence the way consumers evaluate a company s products. Specifically, this research documents that acts of social goodwill--even when they are unrelated to the company s core business, as in the case of charitable giving--can alter product perceptions, such that products of companies engaged in prosocial activities are perceived as performing betterRead MoreAre Profits The Only Business Of Business?1523 Words   |  7 PagesAre profits the only Business of Business? What is the corporation’s social responsibility? Many might say the main idea is that a corporation must go further than carrying out their basic function of purely making profits. A corporation must create wealth in ways that avoid under minding society, and instead enrich the society it operates in. The term â€Å"corporate social responsibility† has been deï ¬ ned in numerous ways; from the constricted economic perception of increasing stockholder wealth (FriedmanRead MoreCorporate Social Responsibility And The Employee Stakeholder1083 Words   |  5 Pages‘Realism or idealism? Corporate social responsibility and the employee stakeholder in the global fast-foot industry’, written and published by Tony Rolye in January 2005, who is an expert in international and comparative employment relations. This article concentrates on how corporate social responsibility is now on the global agenda and how multinational corporations are being urged to address iss ues based on ‘Stakeholder democracy’ . Tony Royle mainly focuses on McDonalds and their distaste againstRead MoreThe Airline Industry And Tourism Industry1176 Words   |  5 PagesThe development of the airline industry has grown tremendously with technology and transformed the use of travel to an international basis. The sector of airlines in the tourism industry in modern times has grown in identifying its environmental, social, economic impacts and companies initiatives in undertaking responsible management. The popularity of the airline industry first started after World War II. The size, scope and importance of the transportation sector began to heavily rely on theRead MoreEthical Perspectives On Social Responsibility1478 Words   |  6 PagesEthical Perspectives on Social Responsibility Corporations are encouraged to conduct their activities in an ethically responsible manner, however neither the corporate world nor academia has produced a single – all encompassing definition of corporate social responsibility (CSR). The basic problem is that there are too many self-serving definitions that often lean toward the specific interests of the entities involved (Van Marrewijk, 2003). There has even been a quantitative study conducted onRead MoreModule 1 ACC501 Case1051 Words   |  5 Pagesbetween both company’s annual statements and the differences between Annual Reports, a 10-K and the Corporate Social Responsibility Report. General Mills and Meiji Holdings Company Limited utilizes different accounting standards. General Mills uses the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) which administers standards known as the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) United States (General Mills, 2013). Meiji Holdings Company Limited utilizes the Japanese version of the GAAP. ForRead MoreEssay on managerial ehics1410 Words   |  6 PagesComplete Discussion Questions 3, 4, and 5 on page 27 of Business and Society. 3. Identify and explain the major factors in the social environment that create an atmosphere in which business criticism takes place and prospers. How are the factors related to one another? Has the revolution of rising expectations run its course? Or is it still a vital reality? Affluence refers to the level of wealth, and standard of living of the society. As the standard of living is increasing every year, peopleRead MoreMicrosoft Internal And External Factors1652 Words   |  7 Pagescorporation who specializes in providing technology solutions for five different business segments ranging from personal computers to gaming devices, Microsoft has demonstrated its ability to adapt to internal and external changes. Analyzing the the current internal and external factors related to the business environment of the organization. An evaluation of the business environment in which, Microsoft operates in is very important for the progression of the company. The business environment factors

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Analysis Of Message From Mirror, Courage, Explore, Douglas

An analysis of 1 message from Mirror, Courage, Explore, Douglas â€Å"Live life to the fullest because you only get to live once.† Life is full of ups and downs and it will not always be perfect but if you live life great and look at it optimistically then it will be great. Life goes fast and is some moments of it you blink and the memory is gone. We need to look at life like it is great and easy. Take high school for example as you live in it, it is horrible and sucks but if you ask other people they might miss it and the memories that it holds. We need to make sure we make the most out the times that we have in life. Four poems tell of each of their ways of looking at life. Sylvia Plath(1932-1963) lived and short and very unhappy life, she†¦show more content†¦Their hair turns gray and they become in able to do many this others can. In Sylvia’s case she was alone and afraid because everything was disappearing in her life. She was losing her marriage and her c areer, she didn t have much left. In Courage, it tells about how in your whole life time you need courage. All of the big situations in life need courage and that one step of faith to get started. Sexton explains this by telling of a bunch of the courageous things you must do in your life. One that really stood out is, â€Å"The child’s first step/as awesome as an earthquake†(lines 2-3) When a little child goes to take one step it takes faith in the floor, hoping that it will not just walk away from them. Also it is the first thing that humans do that will stay with almost everyone. Sexton compares this to an earthquake, she this that a babies first step is equal to the effect of an earthquake. Meaning that it changes those people around it jarassically. Perry explained what earthquakes did to homes which was, â€Å" ripped the earth and knocked homes off their foundations.† This was compared to a babies first step. One is lead to think that these two are nothi ng alike but the courage it takes to just step once and try something that they have never done be fore is amazing. In The Explorer, Gwendolyn tells of how life will always keep on going. You can either join the group or fall behind. This story tells of a man journeying through an apartment, in this apartmentShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Jean Valjean s Les Miserables 7860 Words   |  32 PagesStatement of the Problem Introduction Victor Marie Hugo (1831) once said, â€Å"He who opens a school door, closes a prison.† Such a brilliant reflection from this French poet and dramatist explored an astounding reality of life with one of his best-known works, Les Miserables (1862). In this play, Jean Valjean is a prisoner on parole who created a new life for himself with a great deal of time spent exploring the decision that changed his life (Hugo, 2015). Each year, thousands of adults all in theRead MoreRastafarian79520 Words   |  319 Pages Rastafari This page intentionally left blank Rastafari From Outcasts to Culture Bearers Ennis Barrington Edmonds 2003 198 Madison Avenue, New York, New York 10016 Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford It furthers the Universitys objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide in Oxford New York Auckland Bangkok Buenos Aires Cape Town Chennai Dar es Salaam Delhi Hong Kong Istanbul Karachi Kolkata KualaRead MoreTheory of Capital Structure14250 Words   |  57 Pagesno.  £ Sà ¸r-Trà ¸ndelag 1 Electronic copy available at: http://ssrn.com/abstract=556631 The view that capital structure is literally irrelevant or that †nothing matters† in corporate ï ¬ nance, though still sometimes attributed to us,...is far from what we ever actually said about the real-world applications of our theoretical propositions. Miller (1988) I. Introduction The paper introduces the reader to two main theories of capital structure, which is the static trade-off theory, and theRead MoreOrganisational Theory230255 Words   |  922 Pagesdilemmas. The book engages in an imaginative way with a wealth of organizational concepts and theories as well as provides insightful examples from the practical world of organizations. The authors’ sound scholarship and transparent style of writing set the book apart, making it an ingenious read which invites reflexivity, criticalness and plurality of opinion from the audience. This is a book that will become a classic in organization studies. Mihaela L. Kelemen, Professor of Management Studies, KeeleRead MoreHbr When Your Core Business Is Dying74686 Words   |  299 Pagesmay be hidden right under your nose. Here’s how to evaluate your current core and where to look for a new one. 78 Promise-Based Management: The Essence of Execution Donald N. Sull and Charles Spinosa The most vexing leadership challenges stem from broken or poorly crafted commitments between employees and colleagues, customers, or other stakeholders. To overcome such problems and foster a productive, reliable workforce, managers must cultivate and coordinate promises in a systematic way. 66 Read MoreLibrary Management204752 Words   |  820 PagesLibrary and Information Center Management, Sixth Edition Robert D. Stueart and Barbara B. Moran United States Government Information: Policies and Sources Peter Hernon, Harold C. Relyea, Robert E. Dugan, and Joan F. Cheverie Library Information Systems: From Library Automation to Distributed Information Access Solutions Thomas R. Kochtanek and Joseph R. Matthews The Complete Guide to Acquisitions Management Frances C. Wilkinson and Linda K. Lewis Organization of Information, Second Edition Arlene G. TaylorRead MoreDeveloping Management Skills404131 Words   |  1617 PagesWeidemann-Book Credits and acknowledgments borrowed from other sources and reproduced, with permission, in this textbook appear on appropriate page within text. Copyright  © 2011, 2007, 2005, 2002, 1998 Pearson Education, Inc., publishing as Prentice Hall, One Lake Street, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458. All rights reserved. Manufactured in the United States of America. This publication is protected by Copyright, and permission should be obtained from the publisher prior to any prohibited reproductionRead MoreFundamentals of Hrm263904 Words   |  1056 Pagessave money From multiple study paths, to self-assessment, to a wealth of interactive visual and audio resources, WileyPLUS gives you everything you need to personalize the teaching and learning experience.  » F i n d o u t h ow t o M A K E I T YO U R S  » www.wileyplus.com ALL THE HELP, RESOURCES, AND PERSONAL SUPPORT YOU AND YOUR STUDENTS NEED! 2-Minute Tutorials and all of the resources you your students need to get started www.wileyplus.com/firstday Student support from an experiencedRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 Pages10.5/12 ITC New Baskerville Std Credits and acknowledgments borrowed from other sources and reproduced, with permission, in this textbook appear on the appropriate page within text. Copyright  © 2013, 2011, 2009, 2007, 2005 by Pearson Education, Inc., publishing as Prentice Hall. All rights reserved. Manufactured in the United States of America. This publication is protected by Copyright, and permission should be obtained from the publisher prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrievalRead MoreMarketing Mistakes and Successes175322 Words   |  702 Pageswell-known successes. While mistakes provide valuable learning insights, we can also learn from successes and find nuggets by comparing the unsuccessful with the successful. With the addition of Google and Starbucks, we have moved Entrepreneurial Adventures up to the front of the book. We have continued Marketing Wars, which many of you recommended, and reinstated Comebacks of firms iii iv †¢ Preface rising from adversity. I have also brought back Ethical Mistakes, because I believe that organizations

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Evaluation Of A Social Or Human Problem Based On Testing A...

2.3.1 Quantitative Research According to Naoum (2013) quantitative research is â€Å"enquiry into a social or human problem based on testing a hypothesis or a theory composed of variables, measured with numbers and analysed with statistical procedures in order to determine whether the hypothesis or the theory hold true†(Naoum 2013,p.39). The approach is objective in nature and not abstract. It is associated with tangible, measurable and numerical data that may be analysed to produce conclusive and generalized answer. It is mostly applied when researchers want to prove or disprove a set of hypothesis and when enquiring realities about the theory, query or attributes (Saunders et al. 2012) by using primary collected data (Fellows 2003). Quantitative research is more structured and well defined that allow the researcher to do extensive planning before the actual research starts. In most cases the actual work tends to be consistent with the predetermined research question and conceptual framework (Bell 2014) . This allows for easy forecast of ethical challenge and a plan on how to handle the challenges can be put in place before the actual work begins. It may be carried out by survey, structured interview or observation (Saunders et al. 2012). 2.3.2 Qualitative Research According to Bell (2014) qualitative research are subjective in nature while stressing on understanding principles, experiences and reasons behind certain things happening. They could be also describing scenario orShow MoreRelatedThe Curriculum Design And Development1723 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction At the dawn of technical education two major philosophies emerged. The philosophers behind these theories were quite divergent in their beliefs. Charles Prosser and David Snedden were advocates of the social efficacy doctrine and believed that the primary goal of vocational education was to prepare individuals for work and the needs of industry. Furthermore, they believed a liberal arts education was reserved for individuals of status (Gordon, 2014). John Dewey advocated an educationRead MoreCognitive Abilities And Personality Or Behavioral Styles1356 Words   |  6 PagesWhen scientists want to explain strengths and weaknesses, including cognitive abilities and personality or behavioral styles, psychometric testing is a best approach to do so (What is Psychometric Testing, n.d.). As a result, psychometric testing has, in fact, become one of the most sought out protocols to search for the best suited prospective candidates and the state of current candidates internalities; the reby, using a computerized assessment test against face-to-face tests and vis-à  -vis. ThereforeRead MoreSociology and The Natural Sciences Essay1067 Words   |  5 PagesSociology is the study of society as well as the pursuit of knowledge regarding human social activities however, the entity’s legitimacy as a science is a concept worth discussion. Although sociology is different at face value than the natural sciences, the two possess fundamental similarities by which problems are recognized and explained. With the explanation of why sociology is a science, the next step would be to specify what type of science sociology is and how it relates to the natural sciencesRead MoreEvaluating Greenby Education Department1538 Words   |  7 PagesaRunning head: EVALUATION RESEARCH PAPER Case 10: Evaluating the Consultation and Education Department Research University of Phoenix Evaluation the Consultation and Education Department The Greenby Community Mental Health Center process evaluation measure suggests the Consultation and Education Department needs to implement the address of the real questionable issue within the organization, and to evaluate the programs being offered through the organization. The questionable issueRead MoreHuman Centered Design Is The Most Popular Two Methodologies996 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction We’ve been learning about Human-Centered Design Methodology. Even though there are many types of design methodologies: Genius Design, Goal-Directed Design, etc, each method has its own unique approach for creating the design. Human-Centered Design and Activity-Centered Design are the most popular two methodologies. Because of Don Norman’s Essay: Human Design Considered Harmful, the controversy between the use of User-Centered Design and Activity- Centered Design become a hot debeat.Read MoreDoes Research Design Affect Study Outcomes in Criminal Justice?1337 Words   |  5 PagesPart 1 Weisburd, D., Lum, C., Petrosino, A. (2001). Does Research Design Affect Study Outcomes in Criminal Justice? The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. 578 (1): 50-70. Within social science, as well as pure research, there seems to be a continual and ongoing debate about qualitative and quantitative research. Some take the view that, All research ultimately has a qualitative grounding, while others believe Theres no such thing as qualitative data. Everything isRead MoreThe Qualities Of Myself That Stand Out1557 Words   |  7 Pagesdifferent characteristics that stand out, but one of the characteristics about myself that stand out is my generosity and my love for others. All of my life I put others problems on myself, and though it may not be a healthy thing to do. I always do it because of my love for people. I have always been willing to put my problems aside to make others happy. By making others happy I please myself. I have always wonder why I was given this trait. I just figured it always genetic and yes your traitsRead MoreDemocratic Party For Public Office1466 Words   |  6 Pagesalso discuss the theories of party identification and how they explain it among political candidates. Currently, party identification is still the most compelling explanation that informs voters’ choice. It is agreed that the electorate vote is based on their party identification. While this remains a controversial topic, it is important to understand what informs the process of party identification for the candidates Statement of the Problem While controversy between the theories of party identificationRead MoreThe Use of Role Play: A Viable Instructional Strategy796 Words   |  3 Pagescollege and university (Springer, et al, 1999). Role playing can help students see problems and solutions from different perspectives, which is critical to understanding the human behavior of people during transactions of all types, including meetings. Using a criterion referenced instruction (CRI) approach and the ADDIE model of instructional design, the Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation components of a non-traditional learning activity are described below: AnalysisRead MoreCommunication Differences : Symbolic Interactionism And Relational Dialectics760 Words   |  4 PagesThe two communication theories I will feature are Symbolic Interactionism and Relational Dialectics. As defined in our text book, Symbolic Interactionism refers to how â€Å"humans act toward people, things and events on the basis of the meanings they assign to them.† (Cite your textbook) while Relational Dialectics states â€Å"social life is a dynamic knot of contradictions, a ceaseless interplay between contradictory or opposing tendencies such as integration-separation, stability-change, and expression-nonexpression†

Strengths and Weaknesses - 1033 Words

I have heard from a professor that writing is not an easy thing to do. Many people fail to get their point across the first time when writing. I would agree with what the professor said. Many essays I have written are not perfect. I have made many mistakes when writing essays. I not only dislike writing, I get tired of writing when I have to write a lot. So my mind wanders off, and my body sits in class. Maybe I do not like to write because I am not good at it. Maybe I just need to practice more on my writing skills, and that way I can feel confident about myself. After all, I have never seen someone give up on something they are good at. Despite all these excuses as to why I am not a good writer, I still try and do my†¦show more content†¦Now my essays are more strengthened when it comes down to punctuation errors and comma splices. As I revised my essays after the professor gave me feedback, I noticed that my mistakes were fading away. I know that my essays had fewer weak nesses and more strengths. Both my strengths and weaknesses were brought out when I wrote these essays. In my essays I got back from the professor, I saw some improvement with my transition words. I used to see that I needed to put down more transition words so that my paragraphs could relate to one another. Although I have not gotten rid of this problem completely, I have shown some improvement over the past few essay I wrote. In my whole process paper, I started off using very few transition words. As I progressed I learned to use more transitions with my paragraphs. Another improvement I have made is that I had few examples in my essays and I was not specific. For example, in my argumentative essay I first had little to no examples to support my idea. I had marks that the professor put saying, â€Å"need more specific detail† and â€Å"be specific†. As I improved, my essays had less of these comments. In conclusion, the essays in my portfolio for English 49 clearly show that I have strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement. Everybody makes mistakes, and everybody can fix those mistakes. Little by little I show improvement when I write my essays. I know I will keep making mistakesShow MoreRelatedStrengths And Weaknesses735 Words   |  3 PagesEvidently, most people adjudge the strengths and weaknesses of learning styles affect their teaching. As one learns they normally don’t take into consideration the style of learning intelligence they are using in their learning experiences. Most teachers are aware of the different learning styles and multiple intelligences that occur in the classroom with their students. Although teachers do have strengths, weaknesses, I believe it allows the teacher an opportunity to grow, and revamp their learningRead MoreStrengths And Weaknesses1562 Words   |  7 Pages Facing fears can be an exhilarating experience for actors. Strengths and Weaknesses The strengths and weaknesses of a committed actor can be paradoxical. For this area I chose to consult with an acting colleague of 17 years. I thought it was necessary to have an objective perspective to honestly describe what has been observed from someone that knows me, personally. The following paragraph from a close friend and veteran actor explains this quandary in her description of me. Poole, a veteranRead MoreWeaknesses And Strengths887 Words   |  4 PagesEssay Like everyone, I have certain strengths. As far as learned skills go, I have a very good reading ability. I read at a fast pace, with good comprehension of the text. I am also, by my standards, highly coordinated. I have good focus when it comes to school or sports. Most of the time, when I set my mind to something, it often gets done. Another, what could sometimes be considered a strength, is that I have a big ego. I would consider this a strength because I am confident and in controlRead MoreStrengths and Weaknesses898 Words   |  4 PagesThe objective of this paper is to show you the personal strengths and weakness that I identified by asking friends and family their opinion on the topic regarding yours truly, and by examining myself for areas that I am really good at (also known as strengths) and areas I need to improve (otherwise known as weaknesses). After I have identified them, I will tell you how recognizing my strengths and weakness can help me to improve myself to achieve a more peaceful and satisfying personal life. Read MoreStrengths And Weaknesses1932 Words   |  8 PagesB1 Evaluate two strengths of the organization Hospital X has many strengths that maintain its presence within the medical field. One of those strengths is its ability to do cutting edge research. The mission statement includes the fact that research is of the utmost importance to the organization and one of the reasons it still exists. There have been many standards in medicine that have come from the research done by the staff of Hospital X. Another strength that Hospital X has is the qualityRead MoreStrengths and Weaknesses2027 Words   |  9 PagesHotel strengths: Great health club/pool/outdoor area with excellent service. Nice view from rooms in SW corner of building. Quick room service. The hotel is well located to shopping and business districts and central to tourist attractions.    | Our major strengths lie in the hotel properties which are positioned at prime locations in key cities. Our business hotels are placed in close proximity to prime commercial and business hubs in the cities, and within comfortable distances from AirportsRead MoreStrengths and Weaknesses1178 Words   |  5 PagesTo: Date: 13/6/13 Strengths and weaknesses I have a number of key strengths that are contributive to working as a competent manager. I have sound logic, am diplomatic and disciplined and approach social situations with an open mind and an eagerness to understand. While all of these are personal traits, undoubtedly theyRead MoreStrengths and Weaknesses Essay844 Words   |  4 PagesStrengths and Weaknesses Throughout the Mid-SEE I have written reflections on my writing and participated in group activities. I have received comments back from my peers and suggestions to help with revising my paper. With the help of my professor, Professor Church and my classmates, I was able to comprehend their suggestions to me to make my essay better and by revising my classmate’s essays, I was able to point out mistakes that I might have made in my essay, which made myself go back to myRead MoreAnalysis of Strengths and Weaknesses1022 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction With the long-term goal of becoming a transformational leader, it is often useful to consider ones strengths and weak nesses across four dimensions. These include personal and professional accountability, career planning, personal journey disciplines and reflect practice reference behaviors and tenets. The intent of this analysis is to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses in each of these four areas. In addition, a discussion will be completed on how current leadership skill sets willRead MoreStrengths And Weaknesses Of The Word Strength918 Words   |  4 PagesThe word strength brings numerous thoughts to mind such as: power, muscle, durable, advantage and potency to name a few. All of these words give a positive connotation to strength. Strength is, generally, speaking a exceedingly useful tool. Before taking the strength finder test I would probably associate the word strength with physical capabilities. However, through this Strength Finder course I have found a new and much mor e empowering perspective of this word strength. My strengths according to

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Question: Discuss About the Top-Notch Global Accounting Professionals? Answer: Introducation In this passage, I aim to develop my own brand and discern its strengths and weaknesses based on other top-notch global accounting professionals. It is indispensable for me to understand the changing dynamics of business and corporate communication. Firstly, I have to create my own brand and compare and contrast it with two influential accounting professionals. In this section, I have to consider two eminent accounting professionals Ben Kellaway, Executive-HR and Marketing, Finance, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Anthony Matis, General Manager-Business Development (Education), CPA Australia. For the assignment, LinkedIn profile management will be an important tool for understanding their strengths and weaknesses. The first accounting professional is Ben Kellaway, Executive-HR, Marketing and Finance, Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Ben Kellaway is supremely talented and formed an effective nexus with colleagues from the corporate world. Ben Kellaway is fundamentally a commerce graduate (Accounting and Organizational Behaviour) from Macquarie University, Australia. In addition, he pursued a diploma degree in Cost Accounting from the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia. Professionally, he is highly networked and dynamic. He first started with BKR Walker Wayland, Sydney, Australia as an Account Manager. In that company, his role is to prepare statutory financial statements, conduct client management and participate in financial audits. Later on, he moved to Commonwealth Bank, Sydney Australia and subsequently, he reached the top-most position of the Bank. The second accounting profession is Anthony Matis, General Manager-Business Development (Education), CPA Australia. After graduating from Macquarie University and Southern Cross University, he joined the CSR Rinker Credit Union (Select Credit Union) as Non Executive Director. Later on, he moved to CPA Australia as General Manager and currently he holds the position of General Manager-Business Development (Education), CPA Australia. These two accounting professionals are very strong and dynamic in the respective sphere. By dint of merit and calibre, they have attained the height of success in the corporate world. The major strong points in their profiles are they are highly networked and have always used opportunities that came on their way (Brems et al., 2017). They are very diligent and productive, as far as their domain is concerned. For them, education feeds the right purpose and takes them to the pinnacle of success. These profiles have no weak points and the aspirant accountant professional should use their examples. In this section, I have to explain three differences of their personal branding. The first difference is Anthony Matis developed an Education brand and Ben Kellaway is an Accounting professional. Matis is more networked and effective than Ben Kellaway, as far as LinkedIn profiles are concerned. According to LinkedIn, Ben Kellaway pursued more courses (Accounting degree and Chartered Accountancy) than Anthony Matis. In order to create a personal brand, I should follow their examples and expand the horizon of my knowledge. The concept of Personal Branding can be explained as the recurrent process of developing a personalized image that strikes a chord with others in that respective field (Khedher, 2014). I have to select my target audience and outline branding mission for that particular domain. Based on the subject accounting, I aim to develop my own brand. At the same time, I intend to analyse the lessons gained from Career Boot Campaign 2017-Manchester. In 2017, I have attended the Career Boot Campaign in Manchester, England. I was greatly influenced by the particular event and the speakers motivated me to understand my basic needs. At the same time, they asked me to know where I was standing in the present and what would be my needs in the future References Brems, C., Temmerman, M., Graham, T., Broersma, M. (2017). Personal Branding on Twitter: How employed and freelance journalists stage themselves on social media. Digital Journalism, 5(4), 443-459 Khedher, M. (2014). Personal branding phenomenon. International journal of information, business and management, 6(2), 29